Costa Rica (1st Day) R & R

Costa Rica (1st Day) R & R


The authors of today’s blog are Cy and Rosie (Christine’s grandchildren). Today was our first official non-work day and it was wonderful. We had the pleasure of attending the Church of Life which took place on the beach.  Roger, the pastor, talked mainly about the book of Galations and how obeying religious laws are not a bad thing but they will not guarantee a spot in heaven.  Only a relationship with God can guarantee a seat next to the Big Guy.  After the service most of us went snorkeling in the local tidal pools.  After we had our fun in the sun we traveled 5 hours to hotel Carara in Tarcoles.

In the beginning of the week we were asked what we hoped to leave behind in Nosara after the houses were built.  I hope that what we have left behind is evidence that God prevails over all things.  Faith brings people from all over the world together to do great things in Gods name.  I hope we have left behind an example of how faith can change lives in just a couple of days.  Finally, I hope we have left the two families with a desire and a passion to help others in the name of the Lord.  As someone said during service today “we are not saved by good deeds, but saved for good deeds”.  As we return back home, we will remember the time we have spent and the lessons we have learned.

Loading the Bus for our 5 hour drive to The Central Pacific

Sunday Service on the beach with the Church of Life

Sunday Service on the beach

Getting ready for fun in the sun. Swimming and snorkeling at the beach.