Costa Rica Day 1 – June 29, 2015

Costa Rica Day 1 – June 29, 2015

Greetings from Costa Rica! We arrived safely and on time after a day that began for many of us  at 2:30 AM at O’hare Airport. We met up with our friends from other flights, and our hosts for the week, Maximo and Mauricio who were excited to see us. There are 22 of us in all so we are excited about how much we will be able to accomplish while we are here. We quickly loaded our baggage into Maurico’s truck and inside the van. Nothing is on the roof of the van this year so no soaked luggage this year!  

Our hosts greeted us with the most marvelous fresh fruit for refreshment. The mangos, pineapples, passion fruit, and apples were like nothing we can ever eat in the states – fresh, juicy, and flavorful. 

It is a beautiful day in Costa Rica. The temperature is around 80 degrees so we are thankful for our air conditioned van. The windy mountain roads to Nosara are green and beautiful. There is plenty of gorgeous scenery for our long drive.

The bus drive to Nosaro was was uneventful although bumpy at times, as we navigated the local roads. After stopping for a delicious Chinese dinner at Wongs, we finally arrived at our destination after traveling for 16 hours. 

Our arrival was timed perfectly, as we went to bed to the sounds of roaring thunder and pounding rain!

Wifi service here is not working well so we will do our best to keep you updated on our progress as we begin our work. We hope to begin sending you pictures within the next day or so. 

We are excited to be here and anxious to begin “building homes and communities and changing lives.”