Costa Rica Day 2 – June 30, 2015

Costa Rica Day 2 – June 30, 2015

Hi First Church friends, members, and mission trip supporters,

Mission trip participant Jeffrey Phillips here.  It’s Tuesday evening in Nosara, Costa Rica, the end of our first full day.

We woke up this morning with a walk to the Pacific Ocean beach down the street from our hotel.    We encountered a lovely sunrise and the sight of fishers returning from an early morning check of their long string of hooks that caught grouper, red snapper, and one small shark.

Our missionaries divided into two teams today – one staying at the hotel to construct wall panels for the houses we’re building, and one to install previously constructed wall panels at the new home of Maureen and Edwin.  I went to help install the walls at Maureen and Edwin’s.

In all the mission trips I’ve participated in, I’ve never seen a harder working new home owner than Edwin.  He worked with skill, energy, and joy in all aspects of the panel installation.  We weren’t just working with him; it was more that we were trying to keep up with him!  Edwin, Maureen, and their six-year-old son Johan have been living with Maureen’s parents for many years, and are excited to finally be getting their own home.  Maureen works as a babysitter, and Edwin as a laborer, but it would have taken them many, many years to save up to build their own house.  As an expression of her gratitude, Maureen offered us a delicious Costa Rican lunch of rice, beans, and pulled pork.  Later she shared homemade bread from her homemade clay oven.

While working, some of us felt a slight earthquake, and when we returned to the hotel we heard monkeys barking loudly above us.  Most missionaries felt the need to explore the beach one more time before sunset at 6:00 p.m.

Before bedtime last night Cal Bloesch shared a devotion in which he cited Psalm 85, “The Lord will give what is good.”  God has indeed been good to us today by giving us the opportunity to meet and work alongside our new friends Edwin and Maureen.  And God’s goodness is known to us as well as we remember your love, support, and prayers for our mission.