Costa Rica Day 3 – July 1, 2015

Costa Rica Day 3 – July 1, 2015

Our second work day in Costa Rica from Stacy’s perspective.

To me a mission trip is not only about doing great work to help people in need, it is also about creating new relationships with the people you are on this journey with. Several of us were reflecting on our day this afternoon and the conversation was so meaningful. Our youngest missionary, Rosy, age 16, was proud of herself for persevering to master a new skill (drilling) while our most seasoned friend Mary, reflected over the many mission trips she has taken that she most appreciates getting to know  the people she is with on a much deeper level.

At First Church of Lombard, we often sing a song that reminds us “We are called to live with justice, we are called to love tenderly, we are called to serve one another, to walk humbly with God” and today that song ran through my mind and heart many times. Our team was lead by Pastor Carlos and he was an amazing and inspirational jefe (boss).  He guided an entire team of people tasked to build and paint 14 panels with gestures, Spanish words and lots of patience and wisdom. To me it was a miracle that we could accomplish as much as we did in this heat and humidity but we worked together and got it done. The other team worked just as hard building the home of Maureen and Edwin. They finished all of the windows, installing glass and screens and 50% of the roof. Little Gaon is so excited about his first home and proudly showed the missionaries where his new room will be.

So at the end of the work day when we were so hot and tired, Pastor Carlos politely asked our Pastor Jeffrey and I  to sweep up all of the sawdust from our workday. We found some brooms and started to sweep. To encourage us, Carlos started to quietly sing to us in Spanish, Jesus is here for us, always by our side to provide whatever we need and the howler monkeys up in the trees chanted along.

As I sit typing this message, I can hear the happy voices all around me, sharing the best part of their days, planning for the work tomorrow and just being with each other and it makes me smile.

Christine and Ken building panels for our second house.

Stacy building panels.

Jeffrey, Ken, Kyla, Mary, and Stacy with an assembled window panel. 

Laura and Sara making screens.

Patty building window frames.

Mary building screen frames.

Mark working on the roof.

Mary with Gaon, an excited young man, outside his new home.