Costa Rica Day 4 – July 2, 2015

Costa Rica Day 4 – July 2, 2015

Good day fellow friends and families of First Church,

Today, was a special day for me working to watch the building of the house for Brenda and Rodrigo. Their grandmother (abuela) and 3 children, Caleb(7), Galilea(4) and Miguel (20 months.). It was so touching and sweet to see the happiness and gratitude in their eyes as their dream home was in the making. 

After arriving at Brenda and Rodrigo’s, we prayed with the family at the four corners of the house. It was a moving experience. 

It was a very hot day today so we worked in teams. Some of us worked on the house while others took water and shade breaks. While on break, some of us played with the children blowing bubbles and teaching them some fun games.

We made tremendous progress on the house despite the heat. The outside walls are up so tomorrow we can work on the windows, doors and roof. 

We made it back to our hotel after stopping for snacks to cool off at the beach or pool.  We are waiting for our lasagna dinner and thanking the Lord for another successful and blessed day in Costa Rica.



Brenda, Caleb, Galilea, and Miguel        
Beginning of the day:  Foundation.
Moving window panels
First panel on the house!
Galilea and Caleb.  Happy children!