Costa Rica Day 5 – July 3, 2015

Costa Rica Day 5 – July 3, 2015

Hello! It’s Laura and Dustin here. Day number four of working was busy, hard, and fulfilling. We split into two groups again today. One group helped unload some unused panels and wood at Oscar’s house, who is the father of a family we built a house for in 2013. Oscar is storing the extra supplies until they are needed. It was so neat for half of our group to visit with Oscar’s family and see how his family made the house we had built in previous years into a home. The other half of the group headed to Brenda’s site to finish up the roof and windows. We split into teams and each had assigned jobs. I (Laura), put the screens together. It felt good to work on a specific job and feel like an intregal part of building this house. We were a well-oiled machine and I think we all felt proud of our work. By the end of the work day we finished the house (yay!) and our hotel we stayed in was all cleaned up and looking like a group of 20 didn’t just built two houses.

This evening, as we reflected on our week of building, we talked about what we were going to take away from this trip. I so enjoyed listening to everyone’s answers as they were all different but rang true for myself. Our group is going to take away lots of new memories, the idea that the people of Costa Rica might have a more positive outlook on Americans, the community we have built with each other and with the families here, trusting others, feeling confident in our ability to communicate with others even when we don’t speak their language, and an appreciation for what we have.

As we pulled into the hotel at the end of the day, We Are the Champions was playing on the radio and we all just started singing from the top of our lungs, complete with fist pumps. I think we all did feel like champions as we just finished the two houses we came to build. We felt proud, exhausted, and fulfilled. We are blessed to have had this opportunity to grow as a community and spread God’s love by providing these two beautiful families with a home they can make their own.

Beginning of the day. Roof in progress.

Brenda and Miguel

Working on screens and windows.

Building outside window frames.                                            
Caleb playing with wooden blocks made for him from lumber scraps from his new home.

Finishing touches. We’re almost finished with our second home!

The happy window and screen team.  Today the house was completed – windows, screens,  doors, electricity and the roof!

The finished home! Brenda and Rodrigo and their children have had a difficult time expressing how thankful they are for the work that has been done in God’s name.