Young Adult Group

Young Adult Group

The First Church of Lombard’s Young Adult Group (YAGs), was founded in 2010. The group was created with the idea that community doesn’t stop after high school. The goal of the group is to fulfill community engagement after going through the Youth Community.

Additionally, the group seeks to be a place to give those adults a few hours away from the stresses of young adult life.

The group is also focused on supporting the Youth Community they all came from. YAGs members often participate in church fundraisers such as the Neil Omi Mission Classic and the Lilactime Auction.

Other events for the YAGs include a yearly trip to Tower Hill in January, and a weekend mission trip to Baraboo, Wisconsin in July.

The YAGs group, in similarity with the rest of the people of First Church of Lombard is built upon the belief of agape. This means that you are welcome to our group if you so wish to join.

The YAGs group meets biweekly on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.
For more information, call First Church of Lombard.